What’s wrong with Christianity?

I’ve been surfing around the Internet.  There is a lot of talk surrounding Christianity in America.  There are two main viewpoints: Christianity is awesome, Christianity is only bad.  Where’s everybody in the middle?

There are feelings of being misunderstood on every part of the spectrum.  There’s hate, anger, confusion, questioning, fear and whole other load of aspects to the discussion.

Christianity has had a very formative role in this country.  God is in the constitution, the pledge and on the coin.  Our presidential candidates are forced to state their church of choice, but at the same time there a millions of Americans who don’t want Christianity to have such an imposing role on their lives.  Valid point: Separation of Church and State. 

Perhaps Christianity has succumb to natural human flaws, perhaps it is corrupt.  On the other hand, it may be correct.  What is Christianity about?  It means a lot of things to me.  It my religion of choice because it feels like the right place to be.  That said, it’s hard for me to look at it and the ultimate source or the absolute truth.  Most of the religions in the world have important points to offer people. 

The bottom line is that America has hit a brick wall.  The discussion about religion has come into the forefront of our lives.  When we wake up, in the midst of politics and the presidential decision, we are forced to hear about religion.  And the fact is that the people today who call for the connection of church and state would call loudly for their separation if the more popular religion was Judaism or Islam.  What’s going on with Christianity?  It has become more of a Gospel of Judgement than a Gospel of Loving Thy Neighbor.  Is too late in America for it to be respected?


5 Responses to What’s wrong with Christianity?

  1. America will emerge as a solid Christian Theocracy when Huckabee gets to the White House. His strong moral views and understanding of the human spirit will usher us into the new Christian era.

  2. NoNameAtAll says:

    America will NEVER be a Christian Theocracy as long as the Constitution stands as it is. We are GUARANTEED freedom from a theocracy therein. The government is strictly prohibited from forming a “national religion” and praise God for that.

  3. baptizedbyice says:

    I’m not sure that a Theocracy is the best way for America to go. I would have to agree with NoName on that because the diversity in America would not be able to withstand a Christian run government. Christianity does not meet the values of everyone in this country. But johnnyp, I do agree that the nation needs to be led by someone with moral views and an understanding of humanity. Though I would add that our future president must have acceptance and tolerance as well.

  4. lpkalal says:

    The reason there is little middle ground about Christianity is that Jesus gave little ground about Himself. He was either loved or killed. He said you are with me or not. He said He was the only way to God… not much middle ground in responding to THAT!

  5. That’s very true. I guess a lot of people struggle with that, rightly I might add. We are imperfect people. It’s hard to look at things when there is only one way to go, especially when it challenges what you want.

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