There are a lot of super competitive people in the world.  People who want, at all costs, to win.  To win sports, board games, video games and any other winnable quests.  But is it really about winning?

A lot of athletes talk about having something to prove.  They and their teams are either underdogs who have to prove that they are better than the critics say they are, or they are the best in their sport and have to prove that they deserve to be at the top.  Either way they win to prove something.  Why do they have to prove something?

I assume it’s the same reason that people in a political argument have to win, the same reason people have to be the top in their academic class and the same reason people want one million hits a day on their blog post.  I can’t say for sure what the reason is, but I think it needs to be tackled.  What are people trying to prove?  What do you have to prove?

I often wonder about the athletes I love, the people I argue against and even myself.  What are we defending?  Why do we need pride?  Our pride helps us win, but in the end it stops us from progress.  Our greatest strength is our greatest weakness.  It always works that way.

In reality, being the best is trivial.  It doesn’t matter.  Wanting to be the best is only a manifestation of human insecurity.  We cannot be satisfied with ourselves and our individual progress, therefore we must find an outside source to rectify this.   We build up one aspect of our being to win and neglect the rest and maybe the most important parts of our humanity.  Never in any generation of written history has there been an extraordinary push for individual betterment.  Sure the few poets and philosophers who words taken in stride may have suggested it, but there was hardly a revolution.  The concentration of humanity has consistently remained rooted in the greatest surface profit of the time.

Money, beauty, sport, argument…nothing internal.

How great would a society be if all of it’s citizens had complete confidence in their individual abilities?  What would be the consequences of that?  I bet is would be much better than what humans have created in the past.


2 Responses to Winning

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  2. undercanopy says:

    We are living in a lonely world. Like a kid wanting the attention of his parents, we are desperate for recognition. If we are more willing to open our arms to those around us, there is no need to prove our worth. We’ll discover greater meanings to our life, as a result.

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